Placeholder services for everyone!

Here comes my list of the best online placeholder services. Thanks to @kosmar and @paulchrablass!

1. Highly customizable: cambelt


<img src="ttp://,eeeeee&font_size=24">

Options: format, text, color, size, font-size, text-color, font-family, https, icons

2. Fit and proper by categories: lorempixel


<img src="" width="200" height="150">

Options: color/greystyle, size, category, image number, text

3. Fit and proper by tags: flickholdr


 <img src="http:://">

Options: size, tag, image number

4. The quick and simple way:

<img src="">

Options: format, text, color, size

5. For dog lovers at random: placedog

<img src="" >

Options: color/greystyle, size

6. For cat lovers: placekitten

<img src="" >

Options: color/greystyle, size

7. For cute puppy lovers: placepupy

<img src="" >

Options: size, image number, text, text-bg-color, text-color

To be continued!

A Book Apart: Part 1

I have obtained my first A Book Apart editions. Number 5: “Design For Emotions” and number 6: “Mobile First”.

Just two days ago I enquired to the support about my order. Now I got it after 3 weeks waiting. I’m looking forward to the next shipment ordered 6 weeks ago, number 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I’m not realy sure if it’s normal but many thank’s to USPS and the german customs.